DIY Plumbing Facts: What is allowed and what is illegal?

In Australia, it is, in fact, illegal to do your own plumbing, electrical and gas work in most situations. As a general rule, you should always get a professional plumber to install, renovate or repair any plumbing work in your home. There are a few DIY plumbing tasks you can do, which we look at below, but you could face a fine if you don’t get a professional for other tasks.

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Legal DIY Plumbing Tasks

According to the government of South Australia, the DIY plumbing tasks you can do if you have the skills to safely carry out the work include:

  • connecting a washing machine or dishwasher
  • replacing, repairing or disconnecting a tap
  • installing, repairing and maintaining a garden irrigation system
  • replacing a jumper valve or washer in a tap
  • changing a showerhead
  • clearing blocked wastewater drains that are less than 50mm in diameter
  • working on stormwater pipes which are less than 90mm in diameter
  • replacing a float valve washer, suction cup rubber or drop valve washer in a toilet cistern

Apart from these specific jobs, you should always get an experienced, licensed plumber to do your work.

Illegal Plumbing and Penalties

There are several DIY plumbing jobs that you might think you can tackle, but unfortunately, it would be illegal to do so. It is important you are aware of the illegal plumbing facts. You can only use a licensed plumber if you are doing a job that connects to the main water and sewer supply, and this includes the pipework that is in your home too. Some of the illegal plumbing jobs you can get fined for include:

  • altering pipework
  • plumbing and kitchen renovations
  • installing a water heater
  • extending pipework
  • installing toilets, showers and sinks
  • replacing a water heater
  • installing and maintaining a non-drinking water service
  • installing or replacing electric, gas, solar or heat pump heating systems

All of these jobs can be extremely dangerous if not carried out by a licensed professional and it could also affect your ability to be insured or receive payments if there is any damage to you or your property because of the work.

What does the law say?

The Home Building Act NSW of 1989 sets out the DIY plumbing tasks that you can and can’t do so it is important that you are aware of the legal implications too. Some of these tasks are also incredibly complex, requiring specialist tools and equipment so the law ensures that these are done safely by licensed tradespeople. The Plumbing and Drainage Act NSW 2011 also sets out more detail on which jobs are allowed.

Call a Licensed Plumber Today

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