Our civil construction projects throughout Townsville

TMP Civil Services Pty Ltd has a successful track record in the delivery of all plumbing, civil and land remediation services throughout Townsville and Far North Queensland.

View a selection of our completed works, below and call us today for more information or for a quote.

Power Projects- Blocked Drains in Aitkenvale, QLD

Tarong Power Station

Construction of an algae pilot plant (an Australian-first trial) using algae for bio-remediation of industrial waste stream CO2 and ash dam water.

  • Plumbing & civil works.
  • Concreting.
  • Steel work.
  • Installation of algae bags and tags.
  • Installation of pumps and tanks.
Industrial Pluming- Blocked Drains in Aitkenvale, QLD

James Cook University

  • Installation of a 250mm Blue Brute fire main.
  • Installation of a 150mm sewer line along and across roadway, 600m in-ground and back-filled.
  • All plumbing maintenance, roof maintenance, sewer maintenance, gas maintenance.
  • Installation and alterations to waterlines, sewer lines and gas lines.

MBD Energy Limited (Lab construction at James Cook University)

  • Installation of concrete slabs, steel-work frame for shed.
  • Installed solar hot water system on roof and lined the inside of shed with insulated cold room panels.
  • Pressurised system inside to only allow airflow out of lab.
  • Fit-out plumbing, gas and process waterlines, stainless steel saltwater lines and CO2 lines.
  • Installed safety showers, fume cupboards and drainage and pumps.
Industrial Pluming- Blocked Drains in Aitkenvale, QLD

MBD Energy Limited (Civil works at James Cook University)

  • Construction of the Research and Development site at James Cook University.
  • Construction of block walls and compacted pads.
  • Installation of all conduits, water pipes, sewer pipes, storm water pipes and table drains.
  • Laser levelling of the site.
  • Construction of driveways and road crossings.
Industrial Pluming- Blocked Drains in Aitkenvale, QLD

Sun Metals Corporation

  • All plumbing works, roof works, the repair and installation of process waterlines and acid lines.
  • The installation and testing of back-flow prevention valves.
  • Audits on all pipe work throughout the site.
  • Installation of fire main with hydrant standpipes, fire hose reel, and wash down points throughout zinc ferrite building.
Road- Blocked Drains in Aitkenvale, QLD

Ergon Energy

  • Identification of services, excavation and installation of conduit along road in front of Townsville Civic Theatre.
  • Land management tasks in Bowen, including the construction of access tracks for bucket trucks to access powerlines.
  • Road reconstruction after Cyclone Yasi for trucks to reach Mutani properties.
  • Scoping QLD tracks identifying weeds and assessing infrastructure.