Septic Tank Services Townsville

Septic Tank Extraction in Townsville

If your home or business has a sewage tank, it’s important to have it emptied and the contents disposed of safely. That’s where the team at TMP Civil Services Pty Ltd comes in—we’re experienced in de-sludging a variety of septic tanks throughout Townsville.

Why have your septic tank pumped out?

Having your septic tank pumped regularly will:

Septic Construction — Plumbing in Aitkenvale, QLD
Trush Can — Plumbing in Aitkenvale, QLD
Tissue — Plumbing in Aitkenvale, QLD

We install, repair and pump out septic tanks and sullage trenches. We have CCTV cameras to investigate problems. Speak to our experienced tradesmen to discuss solutions for your rural and remote requirements in and around Townsville.

Some signs that a septic tank is not working properly:

  • The sewage in the toilet or the liquid waste from other fixtures flows away very slowly
  • Liquid waste overflows from the disconnector trap & wet areas are seen at the top of the septic tank
  • There is a strong unpleasant smell near the septic tank & the grass around the tank is very green and growing well

For septic pumping services, call our qualified team today.